Every so often I am asked about what shafts, equipment or training items are the best. The following list was comprised to show the ones that I think make sense. These are not paid advertisements just really good companies and products.

Aerotech Golf Shafts

have more PGA Tour wins than any other graphite iron shaft in history, Their unique design and engineering help reduce fatigue and injury, So if it’s time to try something different contact their customer service. They are among the most accommodating in the industry.


has to make the easiest fairway wood and hybrids to hit in the industry. They are designed by renowned designer Jesse Ortiz of Orlimar fame. I first used these in 2004 when they came out. They left my bag since the standard shaft didn’t fit my swing. The driver, 3 wood and 16 hybrid got a redo with shafts that did fit my swing. The result have been great. Do yourself a favor and put these on your list to try when you are in the market for an upgrade.


started as a putter specialty company and since has expanded to offer a full array of custom irons and wedges. Personalized custom grinds on irons and wedges are available. I was given 2 of their wedges from one of my students and they are great performers. Make sure to visit their site and one of their fitters before making an equipment decision.


manufactures tour quality graphite shafts. These shafts are being used worldwide on the various pro tours. These shafts have provided tour wins around the world. Their  shafts will be seen in some top players clubs. The 2015 Masters and US Open winner had Graphite Design shafts in his woods and hybrids.  Every one who I’ve installed an after market shaft for has been surprised in the difference in the performance and feel. Their customer service has always been 10 stars.


manufactures a full line of steel shafts for both irons and hybrids. These shafts are also being used world wide by multiple major and tours champions. I’ve found these shafts to be extremely solid with a very tight dispersion. Their shafts have been used in multiple Major and tour wins.


has a full line of golf equipment which is second to none. I had the opportunity to visit their assembly facility. It is beyond impressive. Each order is custom made. From the selecting the heads , the shafts and grips each set travels throughout the assembly process as a unit. After each set is assembled they are put on a rack and put through a laser etching machine for registration purposes. The set is ready to be shipped within 48 hours from receiving the order or less if no parts are back ordered. Full build customization is available . Visit their site for a You Tube video of the assembly process.


based in Scottsdale, AZ, is the only company to distribute  colored grips that are manufactured in the United States.  Their grips are great in wet conditions .  They make their grips with the tightest weight tolerances available.  The grips are priced competitively and definitely worth a look when gripping you clubs,


has a full line of classic and high tech putters covering all price points. SeeMore has a proven successful alignment system that has been used in both PGA tour Events and the Majors. They will also customize a putter for loft, lie, and length at no extra fee.


started by Dean Snell offers tour quality golf balls without the big price tag. After reading a testing review I ordered the Tour Ball. For my swing the Tour Ball is alway 5 to 8 steps past other brands on the tee shot. Dean is named on over 35 golf ball patents during his time at Titleist and Taylormade. The ball is delivered to your front door for a delivered price of $32 .

T.P. Mills Co.

is a putter company in Alabama. If you have never heard of or used a putter made by the T.P. Mills Co. you owe it to yourself to get one. They will customize any of their putters to meet what you are looking for. If you have a specific design in mind they will make a truly custom putter exactly to your specs. Visit their site and hit the “About Us” tab to find out the history and firsts of this great American company.