Hi Doug!

I am just now updating you on my progress due to some circumstances that have come up including moving from Arizona to Kansas.

As I told you before, I am a scratch golfer. The results I have had after incorporating some of the drills has been pretty remarkable. My first round after starting the drills was played on a course I am familiar with, but not my home course. I shot 4 under par.

After reading your book, it amazes me how advanced a thinker Paul Bertholy was. He was truly a genius in his profession. I simply cannot believe he is not widely known and given more credit for his insights into golf.

I want to thank you for all you’ve done to spread Bertholy’s legacy in this game. In the future, I will very likely order a couple spare copies to keep and to give as gifts. I might send a video of my swing in the next month to hear your thoughts if that is okay.



I had trouble understanding the books terminologies but I stayed persistent. I know I’m just scratching the surface as far as the training methods here. But I’m Thrilled with the outcome so far. I’m making a more consistent contact to the ball than I ever have. The ball is staying on target lines almost all the time except for the odd brain fart. I was playing at around a 10 handicap but now I’m coming in at +6+7. I’ve shot a couple of rounds at 35 for 9 holes. This is Amazing.

You are more than welcome using my email. I am on cloud nine. Haven’t been to the range at all. Seemed too good to be true. :))

Tony Blasioli

Doug ,

First off  I would like to thank you for the fast shipment of your book. I received it in only 2 days, and very much appreciated. My opinion of the book is  I LOVE THE BOOK.  I have over 100 golf books, and your book is the best instruction on learning a quality golf swing, bar none.  

I am a soon to be 59 year old. I started playing golf regularly about 5 years ago. My handicap then was 21. Within 3 years it dropped tp a 10, playing and practicing 2 to 4 times a week. In the last 2 years it has risen to a 14. i know my putting and short game is better, than it was 2 years ago. My ball striking has suffered, and it was extremely frustrating. I am still only on program 1.

I usually  get up in the morning and go through program 1 positions and a few deltoid  lifts in 45 minutes to an hour. I am a bit of a slow starter, but once I get the hang of something, I am a steamroller. Last week  I shot rounds of 75,76, and 77.  This is a par 68 course.

Before starting the Bertholy method, I was averaging 82 to 87. The only time I hit a bad shot was when I was over thinking, during the swing. You have written a truly fantastic book. and I am sure Paul would be proud. What i like most about the book is, every word means something. There is no fat in the book. just grade A steak. I have read chapter 1 and 2 multiple times, and find something I missed almost every time. More thoughts to follow about the book, and my progress. in the future.

For the life of me I cannot believe this book is not the best selling golf book of all time.

Best wishes,

Dan Smith


I had the pleasure of working with Doug at a weekend workshop in the fall of 2013.  There were 6 of us in this class.  Doug demonstrated the proper technique for each of the Bertholy drills.  Over the two days Doug worked with each of us to ensure that we were performing the drills properly.  His attention to detail was evident from the start of the class and this continued throughout.  He was honest from the start:  this isn’t easy and you need to be committed and the results will come.  Fast forward to May 2015 – I started this journey as a 12 handicap.  My handicap has dropped to 6, my ball striking is greatly improved and my last round was a 76 with 2 kick-in birdies.

Jim Gruber

*Accomplished at age 51.


Hi Doug,

I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the Golf Swing Constrution 101 book you have written.  I bought 2 of the books late last summer.  I am from Edmonton, Alberta Canada, and my best friend who is a former CPGA pro and I have been studying Moe Norman for a long time. We had the privilage to see Moe do a clinic in Edmonton in the 80’s. It was truly amazing.  This book has clarified so much for us, we were so excited after we read it.  I have read the book cover to cover many times, and have been doing the drills to the best of my ability all winter. We are having a very late spring, still 2 weeks away from even being able to hit balls, which is kind of funny because I have been working hard on the drills, and really want to work with my wedge as the next step.

I am currently a 5 handicap, and have finished second in our club championship about 8 times now.  The 5 1/2 inches between the ears as Moe has stated many times has certainly been my biggest fault, and consistancy being another.  I am hoping that with the knowledge I have gained reading your book, I will improve my ball striking and finnaly put my name on our trophy at the club.

Do you happen to do any private teaching sessions?

Thanks, and have a great day!

Dave Cranston

Hello Mr. Ferreri

I wanted to thank you again. For the past 3 days people are wondering who am I?  My friend got me into golf 2 months ago. I played baseball so in the beginning I actually made some great advancements. I started looking into books and the how they wanted you to copy the posture at certain phases of the swing. My game suffered, I started regressing. Luckily I happened to find your book I’m better than my original self with more accuracy. I do not hit the ball thin or fat, my slice went away. It was a combination of how you related it to me and just like how people remember things more effectively, I now have a feeling to go with my golf game. Thank take care.  Sorry for not proof reading this I’m getting ready for work but wanted to send this to you




It’s the third one I have bought.  Best book I have ever seen.  Buying them for my son and friends now. I have been working with the pipe and the swing for a couple of months now. I am 70 and I had my lowest round of the year last month with a 73. Hitting the ball, especially with my irons, better than I ever have. I am now a disciple.

Jack Taylor MAI, CCIM

Hey Doug!

Back in action yesterday for 9 holes at twilight.  On a par 72 course I shot +1 on the front before darkness hit.  Bogey on #1, followed by 8 pars (including a missed 3 foot birdie effort).  Ball striking was the best I’ve ever experienced…mostly fairways and greens, with a couple clutch up and downs.

This is my all time best 9 hole score!

Excited obviously, but trying to keep calm as I want to make sure I show some consistency round after round…

I will probably post on the SA forum.

Best regards,


Mr. Ferreri,

I am a fan of Moe Norman and have followed his career for many years.  A while back Moe told me that he took lessons from Mr. Paul Bertholy and received Mr. Bertholy’s book entitled “The Bertholy Method”.   Moe always spoke highly of Mr. Bertholy and used his teaching in his swing.  Those teachings were shown in the many clinics Moe did.  I have watched Moe many times and throughly believe what he was talking about with regards to his swing.  I did not know at the time that Moe was referring to anyone else.  I later learned he was talking about Mr. Bertholy and his thoughts and teachings of the golf swing.  Mr. Bertholy’s ideas of the golf swing are right on.  There is no doubt Mr. Bertholy’s method works. Moe was proof of that!


Thank you for the opportunity to correspond.  I look forward to your response.





It has been more than a year since we had our intense workshop at Hawk Pointe Golf Club, and I am pleased to report that the lessons you taught me with Steve Bourbon have had a significant positive impact on my golf swing.

My handicap from that time has dropped 8 strokes, down to a 12.2 index at the end of last season.  According to the USGA, a two stroke improvement in a year is the highest a golfer should expect.  My ability to score has improved significantly, and more importantly, my ability to self correct any swing flaw that might develop during a round is a testament to the Bertholy training method.  The marked improvement in my game has been noticed by the members at our club.  As a result, I often have single digit handicap members asking me to help diagnose swing flaws in their game they may develop during the course of a season.

Further to this, I have found that during a tournament, I am more relaxed with my play.  I have the knowledge and confidence to make adjustments during a round should my game momentarily go awry.  I can remind myself of the six key positions and get myself back on track very quickly.  Often, I find that the Master Path or Rifle Barrel is the most critical component towards hitting accurate, penetrating golf shots.

I have also learned that continuing the drills on a regular basis throughout the year is a great way of keeping my golf swing sharp and in sync.  In the past, prior to our workshop, I would find my scores would rise significantly after a winter layoff during the first 6 weeks of the new golf season.  Now, this is no longer the case.

I have also learned that the Bertholy Method is not a magic bullet.  I have experienced that work and patience in repeatedly doing the drills on a regular basis is necessary in order to improve.  This diligence has served me well since our first workshop.  I have seen others who had completed the workshop stop doing the drills, and their golf game is back to where it was prior to doing the workshop.

I look forward to working with you again, as I am certain my technique can use your skilled eye and disciplined training as a refresher.

John Borrelli

*Accomplished at age 59. Started playing at age 49.

I’ve been playing golf for over forty years. I started when I was a caddy back in the early seventies. I did not have any formal lessons, and learned mostly by reading instruction books, watching other golfers and professionals swing, and beating lots and lots of golf balls on misery hill. I played and practiced every day for many years, and got to where I played pretty good. My handicap during those years was always around scratch, never higher than a three. But, golf wasn’t any fun. I was driven to be perfect, and made the game too much like work. My playing golf every day came to an end with the first Gulf War. When I came back home I began playing and practicing golf every day, and in time my game was pretty much back to where it had left off. But then, a couple years later, I was assigned to recruiting duty, and was lucky to have the time to play once or twice a week. Golf for me then became more recreational than anything else. Without the time to constantly play or practice daily I was resigned to playing golf for “fun”. I will say that I enjoyed it a lot more, but mainly because of the social aspects of the game. My scoring was naturally much higher. I could play in the mid-to-high seventies to the mid-eighties without too much effort, but no more scratch golf for me. That ship had set sail. But, the desire to play well never abated.

Then, late in the fall of 2013, even my recreational game tanked, and I floundered like a fish out of water. I’m not really sure what caused it, but nothing I hit was solid. I hit a lot of shots fat, left, and even shanked some. I lost just about all confidence. So, I hit the internet looking for answers. I spent most of my time reading the various golf forums. I also spent a whole lot of time on You Tube. Through all of that I never found what seemed to me to be the answer I was looking for. I was looking for a complete golf system in one package. Eventually I gravitated back to one of the heroes from my earliest golfing days; Mr. Ben Hogan. I’ve always been fascinated by Ben Hogan and his “secret”.  Ever since I picked up the game I’ve had this notion that there was only one right way to swing a golf club. I was convinced that Mr. Hogan had found it, and that was what I wanted.

As you probably know already, you don’t have to study Hogan for very long before other names start popping up. One in particular that captured my attention was Moe Norman. He also fascinated me. I never bought into the “single axis” swing, though. I could see pretty clearly that Moe dropped the club into a second plane at the start of his downswing.  I read as much as I could about Moe, watched You Tube videos of him, etc. On one of his videos someone asked him who he thought were the best teachers in golf. One of the three names he mentioned was Paul Bertholy. Later, I even found a picture of Moe lying in a hotel bed reading a book titled “The Bertholy Method”. I immediately started researching Paul Bertholy. That’s when I found Doug Ferreri’s website.

I contacted Doug right away, and ordered his book the same day, and what a difference it’s made! Once I began the drills it was like a light bulb coming on; the Vertical Drop, the Horizontal Tug, the Golden Exercise, all of it.  I stuck with the programs and the next time I played I couldn’t believe the difference in my ball-striking.  That was the first part of last year.  Since then I have shot par or better many times, my best being a four-under par 68. Last week I played nine holes, hit every fairway, only missed one green, and shot 1-under from the back tees. The week before I shot an even par 72. Not bad for someone in their late fifties. And, I don’t have to beat range balls and play every day to keep scoring well. The only time I hit the range is to warm up before I play. All the work is done at home doing the programs. Probably the best way to describe the difference in my golf game is that before The Bertholy Method I would swing and hope the ball would go where I wanted, whereas now, just a little over a year into the program, the ball goes where I hit it. Oh what a feeling!

As you can probably tell, I am really passionate about Paul’s method, and Doug’s work. It has resurrected my golf game from the ashes of despair, and taken it beyond where I could reasonably hope it would be.  I stay loyal to the drills and exercises, and try to absorb every scrap of Bertholy information and picture I can find. I just can’t get enough! The Bertholy Method has rejuvenated my golf game to the point where it is fun again. I can’t wait until it’s the next time to play.  I am so thankful that Doug has taken the time to compile Paul’s teachings into “Golf Swing Construction 101; The Bertholy Method Revisited”. If you don’t have a copy yet, my best advice to you is to get at least one copy. I have four. Like I said, I can’t get enough. To quote Paul himself, “Only the lazy ones fail.”

 Jim Smith


Jim Smith scorecard after 16 months

 *Accomplished at age 57.