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– Original Video found on Golf Channel

This is one of the Forewords from the book by Golf Channel’s Martin Hall

I feel privileged to have been asked to write this foreword to the Bertholy Method of golf,  I never met Paul BerthoLy. So why, you might ask, would I want to write this foreword?  Some 12 years ago whilst working at St Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida one of my members, Burt Katzman, an avid golfer if there ever was one, gave me the original Bertholy encyclopedia.  As a young teacher I devoured every page of it and was fascinated with his system.  Of course I had heard of Paul by reputation, but was not fully familiar with his style.  The original manuscript opened my eyes to many ways to get results with student.  I learned from it many drills that I continue to use today, and will as long as I teach.  Two of my favourites are “catch the raindrops”, which I consider the ultimate slice stopper, and the “rifle barrel” which produces laser-like iron shots.

I am impressed greatly that Paul Bertholy could construct his system before the availability of the high speed video we now have, and that his method has clearly stood the test of time. When held up to the light you will find no flaws with his teaching.  There is no question that if you apply the principles you are about to read then you will get better.

There have been many people influence by the late, great Paul Bertholy, myself being one.  Do yourself a favour and become one of those people.  you won’t regret it.

September , 2001



This image of Canadian Hall of Fame golfer, Moe Norman, was sent to me by one of my students.  I was told it appeared on a Canadian TV special on the life of Moe Norman.  Moe was a great believer in Paul’s ideas. He sent many Canadian pros to North Carolina to learn from Paul.

He allowed his image to appear in the revised edition. His fee was 2 copies of the revised manual.  One for himself and one for his fellow Canadian Hall of Fame golfer Nick Weslock.

I first played golf with Moe in 1978 when he stopped at Bertholy’s house.  Paul introduced him as a Canadian tour player.  Moe was about 49.  To this day I have never played golf with anyone that approaches his ability as a pure striker of the golf ball.
Doug Ferreri


“We have selected one dozen of what we consider to be the finest teachers of golf in America. You are one of them.”

DR. GARY WIREN, PGA, June 28,1974


“In closing, I want to restate what I said in Orlando . You are the best I have ever seen.”

BOB TOSKI, January 31,1977


“Thanks to my exposure to you I’m teaching and playing better than ever in my life.”

BILL STRASBAUGH, JR.., March 20, 1978


“Your presentation was for sure the big hit of the program”

DAVIS LOVE, JR., April , 1974


This is not a complete list by any means.