Why is the system successful?

There are many ways to learn to hit a golf ball. The best is as a child through mimicry of the best players. Once adulthood sets in this option in most cases is gone.

When we look at how a child learns to walk we have some clues. The child must first learn positions then motion. The child must first lie on it’s back before learning to roll over, the child will eventually roll over then, then one arm is put on its elbow. After a while the newborn will get on both elbows and knees. After familiarizing himself with this kneeling position, the child will add motion to learn to crawl: one position at a time i.e arm forward then leg forward, etc. Finally, the child will be able to pull to a standing position and only then is motion added until the first step has been taken.

Nature after thousands of years has not changed the procedure for learning to walk: position then motion.  

This, too, is the best way for an adult to learn or refine an effective swing. By using positions first, just as we did learning to walk, before adding motion at a slow speed the learning of a manual dexterity is enhanced and fortified just as nature has seen fit. The method places great emphasis on first learning positions and then introducing motion. This is done not to overload the brain and kinesthetic acceptability factor.  A little well done is better than premature activity. The procedure is streamlined. Making a change while hitting a golf ball is a monumental procedure. A top tour player making a wholesale change can take a year or more.

For the young the drills will enhance the learning process and create a swing that is almost pressure proof. Does this mean we never hit a golf ball? No, but hitting a golf ball must follow a practical procedure.  

Will my swing look like others building their swing using this method?

Absolutely not. Just as each person learns to walk the same way the body type, muscle structure, and temperament determine their walking parameters. It is the same way with the golf swing: no two golf swings are exactly alike even when using Paul’s method. For most people the results are faster if they apply themselves and don’t become impatient.

How long will it take?

The program is totally compatible with each individuals kinesthetic acceptably factor. An individual who walked at 12 months with refine or build a new swing in less time than someone who walked at 18 months.

Should I work out?

There is no reason to stop.

Will working out and yoga help my golf swing?

Only if you already own an effective swing.

Should I use Trackman or similar technology?

NO and Yes. If you can’t break 85 build an effective swing first. Makes sure your clubs fit for loft, lie and length. That is paramount. When your scores approach 80 there is no reason to avoid modern technology for further refinements. Make sure your technician is truly knowledgeable .

What Equipment should I use?

Whatever looks good and is in your golfing budget. Fit is more important than brand. You may also visit my Recommendations Page.