Meet Doug

After spending three years as a pro shop assistant for a top New Jersey PGA professional, Doug moved to North Carolina to work for Paul Bertholy.

He became Paul’s senior assistant and taught at every school. At the time he was 27 years old and had a 15 handicap.

In eighteen months his handicap was less than 2 with a low score of 68 during that period.

Meet Doug

After two car accidents, resulting in an injured back he realized his dream to become a good player was no longer possible.  He decided to become certified as a financial planner and has successfully combined that with being an instructor since 1983.

Before Paul’s death, Doug was asked to edit his privately published manual for mass distribution. The work is now complete.

Doug later purchased Paul’s golf estate to promote the system Paul had created.

Meet Doug

Today, based in West Palm Beach, Florida Doug teaches the Bertholy Method stressing Paul’s motto, “Only the lazy ones fail!”

His passion is in seeing a students golf swing become functional along with the smile of disbelief upon hitting consistent golf shots.