The Bertholy Method

The perfect formula for golf swing success.

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What’s the Bertholy Method?

Booming Drives, Pin Splitting Accuracy, and Unwavering Golf Swing Repeatability

PGA professional Paul Bertholy created the Bertholy Method over a period of 40 years. By 1966 it was complete. His system for re-building, refining and learning a golf swing utilizes 5 programs of drills. Each program builds on the previous one until a fine golf swing is achieved. Today most golf professionals utilize some type of drills. Paul was definitely a pioneer in building golf swings via drills.  He was considered a heretic by many.  Time has proven him to be correct.


Meet Paul Bertholy

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Paul Bertholy’s Legacy

As one of the greatest golf teachers of all-time, Paul Bertholy, and his success of the Betholy Method is still pertinent today. Having one of the top rated golf school in America for 30 years, Paul trained  champions from juniors to tour pros. His drills are kinesiology  based guaranteeing that anyone can succeed with patience, tenacity and dedication.

Doug was Paul’s lead assistant from 1977 -1982 at privately held golf schools. He was asked by Paul to edit his privately published manual for mass distribution. The work is now complete and can be purchased here. 

“To play to your full potential, you need greater strength, flexibility, stamina, and endurance. You must rejuvenate, and be born again.”– Paul Bertholy

Meet Doug Ferreri

Helping people build golf swings since 1977

By the time Doug was 27 years old and had a 15 handicap. In eighteen months of implementing the Bertholy Method, his handicap was less than 2 with a low score of 68 during that period.

Today, Doug is based in West Palm Beach, Florida. He offers workshops for the Bertholy Method stressing Paul’s motto, “Only the lazy ones fail!” 

Paul’s students learned golf swing positions before learning movements, then grooved movements in super-slow-motion before adding rhythm, speed, and power. In Doug’s workshops the protocol that Paul created and that has been so successful is utilized.  For some the golf swing will be fine tuned and for others the swing will be completely rebuilt.

If you’re frustrated from spending thousands of dollars on equipment and lessons or if you still can’t break 80. You will truly enjoy the results from The Bertholy Method. With patience, tenacity and dedication… You will succeed.

  • “Back in action yesterday for 9 holes at twilight.  On a par 72 course I shot +1 on the front before darkness hit. Ball striking was the best I’ve ever experienced.”

    – JC

  • “For the past 3 days people are wondering who am I? I’m better than my original self with more accuracy.”

    – Daryn

  • Best book I have ever seen.  Buying them for my son and friends now. I am 70 and I had my lowest round of the year last month with a 73. 

    – Jack Taylor

  •  “I just can’t get enough! The Bertholy Method has rejuvenated my golf game to the point where it is fun again.”

    – Jim

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